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For me, the meetings are key. I've done online and it just didn't work.

It isn't that I ever learn anything new at meetings. I've been to hundreds of meeting (I'm a relapsed lifetime member) so there really is nothing new.

So what do I get from it?

First, it keeps me focused on losing weight. When I'm going to meetings I know that I put weight loss first. When I don't go to meetings, it is much easier for me to put other things first and weight loss tends to go by the wayside.

Second, it gives me a short term goal. I like to have a long-term goal, but I've learned that I do better if I focus more on a smaller goal. So, when I attend meetings, my goal is simple: Stay within my points this week and show a loss when I go to weigh in.

It is easy to meet the goal because I am at most focusing on 7 days. I can do almost anything for 7 days. I don't think about how long it will take to lose all my weight I want to lose. All I focus on it my weigh in next week.

If the week starts getting difficult (usually around day 5), I tell myself to hang in there for just 2 days.

And, then when I weigh in, I start over. But the first day or two I usually eat out and eat about half of my weekly points. And then for the next few days I eat only a few weekly points each day, then the last 2 days I usually don't eat any (but could if I was really hungry or had a special occasion).

But everything is structured around the meeting and weigh in. So it works for me.

I've had lots of leaders. A few have been outstanding. Some I've really not liked at all. Most are just sort of OK. So, if I go to a meeting with an OK leader I try to look around for one that is better. But really the leader is less important that just the accountability and structure of going to the meeting.

Oh - In the hundreds of meetings I've been too I've never heard anyone bragging about weight loss. Usually the leader does give out 5 pound loss awards or people getting to goal and so on. But I've never heard anyone brag about it.
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