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Question I am thinking of going to WW meetings again


I want to get my weight under control, Lord knows I have tried so many different times and ways. I was thinking of going to a nutritionist but it is more expensive and time consuming for me to do that, especially because she is an hour away. There is a WW group center in my town, the nutritionist who I spoke with suggested going there if I wanted something more affordable. I have tried WW online and I don't think that alone that is enough for me, I think I would benefit from the meetings. I did meetings awhile ago, and I reached my 10% goal, I had a leader that I liked and I had some success. She isn't in this area but I may try this center out. The only thing I didn't like about the meetings was that at times it felt like a competition, I didn't like that. What I mean is that one person would brag about losing 5 lbs then another would boast that they lost 10 lbs and well, when I had lost less than others, I felt inferior. Maybe that is my own personal issue but I did feel that. Also, I think it is important to find a leader that I click with, I used to go to another leader's meeting and she was very nice and fun but very high energy and a little wild. I feel that sometimes cliques form in these meetings, that is another concern. I really want to try it again in a few weeks once I can bear weight on my ankle to weigh in, I just have a few anxieties, I guess. I think it could be a sense of support for me and maybe get me on a good track. Also, there are eTools available to members, that is a perk.

What are all of your experiences with meetings?

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