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Tori -2.5 pounds off in 1 Day all your water-weight will soon b gone The gym really worked well for U yesterday We Know U will b @ your Christmas goal this year

I watched the entire hour of Biggest Loser last night & I'm down 1.6 pound from yesterday During the first 15 minutes I felt my heart started to race I was soo into the contestants; so I put on my wrist heart-rate monitor & the show had made my body go into fat-burning mode that hour while I laid in bed completely involved w them. I was happy that Jillian saved her guy & amazed @ the weight Dolovet's team lost Next week I'll b flipping between The Voice & Biggest Loser watching both shows & Wednesday reading recaps online of what I missed.

Susie, I'm happy your plumbing was minor, that can b a scary problem. That's soo great about dh going to work-out w U Ron & I love doing sports together also. I Hope that SRD Inspired U, sounds like it has Renewed U
Saturday is Sweetest Day & dh keeps asking me What I want, 'I miss my kennel & want it back', but he wants more freedom for us, so having it back won't b happening. I don't want jewelry or stuff, so Ron planned a secret romantic date night for us. It's supposed to rain here all weekend, so nothing to do outdoors Today it's 52* cold, cloudy & damp outside. Sundae my 3 yr. old favorite girl is due w her mini-GoldenDoodle litter this week (that's always exciting) so I won't leave her over 4 hours; I love our 4 doggies/as 4 children/our family). I have a jewelry party tomorrow night & football game Friday night so I won't b back till Sunday.

Have a Very Happy Sweetest Day on Saturday Everyone
Thank you for your Prayers PLease share a funny video Dee. "I'm a Gummy Bear" song from the Gummy Bear movie. Also a Minnions that makes you LOL !

I have a Grandma brain
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