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Hi! I am mourning the last day of my vacation. I don't think I am ready to get back into the rat race. I will say that I have made a decision that unless something big is going on I am not going to give so much of my free time to work. I need to make time for myself daily.

I logged all my food today and I am within my calorie range and I didn't have any soda.

Biggest Loser starts Tuesday. Is anyone planning to watch it.

Dee I am sorry to hear of the demands from DH. It is very unfair for him to issue ultimatums using the threat of divorce. It would be nice if we could all hang out from time to time and take time to unwind.

Thanks you for the anniversary wishes. I am loving my Kindle. It is so handy. It takes bit to type as I need to get used to the key board and not using all my fingers to type.

Alyssa: Welcome back! We are here to help you get back on track and I will be checking on my fitness pal too.
Don't worry about catching up here just jump in.

I am watching Revenge and posting on the commercials. I am going to say goodnight and I will see you all tomorrow.
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