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Originally Posted by Teresa_Gonzalez View Post
Long time lurker just looking to vent a bit. I lost 80 + pounds last year/this year by following WW, coming down from near 400 to where I am now, teetering between 315 and 307. I got down as low as 292 for awhile but couldn't maintain it. My problem, besides being stuck, is that I don't feel any better. My clothes fit slightly different but not enough to go on some new buying spree. I lost, I'd say one size, coming down from 30/32 to 26/28. I'm still exhausted and sleepy all the time. Worst of all, I'm still in terrible pain. As best I can figure my stomach is so big and heavy it's pull forwards and down causes me excruciating back pain.
Well, I can kind of relate in that a lot of things I thought were going to happen at a lower weight didn't happen. I still have ice cream cone legs leading to chafing... I still have weird fat gaps on my arms. I still have some pain in my feet.

But two points..
(1) what is the alternative? To gain some back? How would that help?
(2) I have been amazed as I do this that sometimes, I can lose like 10 lbs and my entire world can change. Just 10 lbs can be the difference between pain and not fitting into clothing. Maybe that point for you is at 280!!

Finally I hear you are stuck. Well, I would recommend doing something that works for me every time. Zig Zagging. In other words, instead of eating the same thing every day... (which I think your body gets used to) you take like 2 days per week when you eat more and then, make up for it on the other days.

Like this..
Monday: 1800
Tuesday: 1800
Wednesday: 1500
Thursday: 1500
Friday: 1500
Saturday: 1200
Sunday: 1200

So you average is the same. I swear this works amazing for me. I always get stuck when I eat the same for a while.

Also if you are tired, are you getting a good multivitamin? Enough b12? I know I went through a bad period of fatigue this year and eventually it was obvious my multi was not complete enough. Once I supplemented with the right stuff things go so much better.
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