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Originally Posted by chubbySister View Post
Hi everyone!

I decided to start IP almost 2 weeks ago. My oldest sister's wedding is the first weekend in November and I figured this would be a good way to kick my diet into gear. A bit about myself: at my heaviest I was about 180, then lost weight through diet and (hard) exercise down to ~138, but over the past 2 years let my weight creep up again. I still work out a lot, but I tend to stuff my face with cookies after....

Anyway, after 1 week on the diet, I went from 162 to about 152. 10 pounds technically, but about 5 of those pounds were vacation bloat. I was super strict, no cheats whatsoever!! Totally proud of myself...and then fell right off my high horse into a bowl of ice cream and other good stuff the day after my weigh in. Damn. But it was one day and this week (#2) I've been back to being good! I just need support! I'm hoping when the cravings hit I can post stuff to help me remember why I'm doing this (3 weeks to a wedding...need to look fabulous).

I CAN do this!!! I've still been working out a lot, just having an extra shake (my coach suggested it since I exercise almost every day pretty hard). She says I can definitely lose the weight by November, so fingers crossed I lose the weight and stay out of the ice cream aisle! Good luck to everyone!
You sure can do this! I think an extra unrestricted packet is a good idea if you are working out. Keep in mind that it can stall your losses though, but you can definitely still lose inches. This is such a great place to discuss challenges and victories. It is helpful to see how others are working through them to stay OP as well. Don't look in the past, you're not going that way! Forget about the ice cream, take each day as it comes. You got this! You are going to look fabulous for the wedding.

Don't look back, you're not going that way!
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