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Originally Posted by sarahBell View Post
Good Morning everyone

This week I predict a gain, if there is I will just look past that number and plug away!

If anyone here is a praying /good thoughts person please keep a few good words for my mom and dad, the blood sucker insurance company is trying to jack them royally over all of this

I am so angry and upset, you pay a stupid premium and take out the largest amount you can just for something like this!!! The adjuster thinks they can rebuild! If anyone has Face Book you can look up farsideacres that is our friends face book page which is public and you can see all 3 properties and the damage. My parents house is /was the blue house

I have been crying off and on all day, I am just worried sick, things were going to good!!! ARGH! And dh did not remember my b-day until I said something late last night. what kraptastic week, more kraptastic for everyone back home. I just need so very positive vibes please

I am so sorry that things are not going well for your family atm. I can totally empathize with having a "kraptastic" week as my mom is in the ICU with suspected lung cancer.

Best thoughts and wishes are going out to you and your family. Do your best to stay true to yourself and to your diet program. I have found that it has helped me immensely because I don't have the stress of trying to figure out what to eat, i just have been eating on phase 1 (not my phase 3 as I should be) at least when I remember to eat.
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