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Ok. I found my post from the weekend and I just read your post Dee.

I would be sad to not be able to come here post with you and Tori. I do missus Carrie and it would be nice to have more people join us. I hope to be here more often now that I have my Kindle and can post from it.

Dee: I am glad you were able to get back to the weight you wanted to be at.

It sounds like you are settled with the decisions you and DH made and that is good.

You asked about my DH and his dad. We saw his dad today and he is doing well. He said he was feeling stronger and he looked it.

We haven't heard from John's blood work but they told us they would cal if there was a issue otherwise the would just mail them to us.

However he is back Afib. We were so disappointed because it has been over a year since his heart was out of rhythm. We see the cardiologist on Oct 30 to see what they want to do. Most likely they will do the cardioconverison again.

I will talk to you all tomorrow or Friday.

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