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Tera, at missing the pumpkin pie. I'm torn on cravings. I know that if I don't have something I want (that I'd be torn on), I will eat around the craving and most of the time spend more calories ignoring it but eventually (a week later) giving in. I've been that way about scones lately. And of course, that's a reason my calories are too high. I hit just over 2100 cals yesterday and 2000 on Friday. I've been trying to find a good scone recipe and think yesterday's was good but I made it wrong. So I'm going to try again. Thankfully, each scone is only 210 cals. If I have just one, then that's not too bad.

I hope your back gets better Tera. Did you just pull something or is it more chronic? My neck pain is finally easing after 4 weeks. At this point, I'm no longer taking moving my head from side to side for granted. I hope your back eases quicker than my neck did.

Today is yoga day. DH does yoga with me once a week. I think my 3X a week is probably more beneficial but he is trying. I'm noticing I'm getting more flexible. The only day I'm not is on Thursday mornings because I do it right after waking up. My body is definitely getting older as it takes more time than 15 minutes to limber up the joints before yoga poses.
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