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Hi everyone,

WOW! I'm blown away by the positive energy on this thread! What incredible support we are providing to each other.

Elderflower, I think you've made a good decision to not be too strict. I believe that restricting too much leads to binging. What a tough situation, not being in control of your food.

Mak78, so glad you've had a good couple of days! Setting goals and planning -- a perfect combination for success!

PrimalGirl, kudos to you as well for sharing your goals! I'm looking forward to reading about your success this month!

Noelle, welcome!

Sum38, I'm a big fan of seafood, too. We're eating a lot more fish at our house. It's so good for you and often the best bet on a restaurant menu.

Mrs. Snark, I love your Zen attitude - and I'm impressed by your ability to post multiple quotes!

Tyla, I hope you got lots of rest and you feel better soon! I'm sipping some "throat coat" tea myself.

Vegetables, I hope you got to sleep! I can't remember the last time I saw 3 am (except to get up to pee -- TMI, sorry)

Nlauah, nice work! And nice to get a nod from the scale, huh?

I had a pretty good day. I'm trying to do more things to bring joy to my life (thanks, Tyla, for reminding me how important that is), so I went for a run here: Seriously. See those stairs? I ran up those. Joy!

Of course now I'm exhausted. Tyla, I saw your request for ideas for motivation -- I'll do those tomorrow!
Back in the saddle. Again.
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