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Hello, pretty quiet here the last month
Susie Working-out 2 days in a row IS great About the calorie thing; several factors w that like: health RX, allergies, sex, jobs, metabolisms, age, bone size. Like I'm average bone frame; but the same height as TV's Kelly Ripa who wears a size 0 who has a petite bone frame & looks very good @ her weight & she prob weighs under 100# & she's 43 yr. She works-out 3 days wkly. w a trainer she says & she runs the other 4 days.
Sooo we all gotta keep trying things to find our 'Happy Place' for our bodies to b Healthy & our Self-esteem. I'm Extremely Proud of everyone Everywhere who takes action to b Healthy, but not of those who r simply vain & do idiot things to their bodies causing More health probs The Probiotic did cause me to lose those 6 lbs. during 2 weeks, because I've noticed good changes w my body; so I'm taking 1 capsule 3 days wkly. to keep my body balanced. When these r gone I'll do a comparison w the P&G Probiotics.
Today was my shopping day again over 4 hours & then the 25 minute drive back home, my day was terrible w so many lines waiting. Then it turned-around when I was leaving town & stopped @ Subway for my fav egg-white breakfast sandwich loaded w veggies, a cookie & a ice tea @ 1:30 for lunch. A very cute guy about 40 yr. stood ahead of me & chatted & asked what I was having. He smiled & winked as he left the store as I tried to pay for my lunch, He had Paid for my lunch. I've done that also for ppl but its been awhile. I've also put a $5 bill into the finger of a pair of gloves during the winter @ a store & $10 inside the thumb of mittens on the 'mitten tree's' for kids that r in need. Anyways, that guy today uplifted me chatting w him made me relax... Its a very nice world we live-in when kind strangers meet like that.

Anybody watching: MC w the children on Friday night now or The Voice or X-Factor, last night I got chills from 2 girl singers & I cried when the 13 yr. w the backward hands sang, she inspires everyone.

Tori, I'm not concerned about U getting Back on-track, because Everyday IS Monday for women U celebrated w your family & That is soo Much more Important than gaining a pound U will b Below your Christmas goal I just KNow U will....

Have a Wonderful Weekend girls, we're supposed to get rained on Badddd for the football games & tail-gating....
Thank you for your Prayers PLease share a funny video Dee. "I'm a Gummy Bear" song from the Gummy Bear movie. Also a Minnions video clip that makes you LOL !

I have a Grandma brain
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