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Thank you both and gosh i'm sorry you all are going through what you are, makes us feel not so alone. Wish i could divulge more on what my husband is suffering from but i don't want to break his confidence.

Kaplods, thanks for bringing up the idea of management instead of chasing down pain once it's out of control, i did know that and it's important to be reminded of it, interestingly i was just admonishing a list mate on another forum i'm on (holistic pet forum) about keeping on top of her cats cancer pain and not worrying about the long term side effects just yet (we tend to minimize our pets chronic pain or don't even think about pain management with them) so maybe i will just bite the bullet and continue giving Aleve to my husband, i don't know if it will allow him to lower the dosage of oxycodone but it would be nice! Problem with that drug is it's variability throughout the day, not a steady dose of pain control and i was surprised that he felt Aleve did "something" as Advil doesn't cut it for us (and my chiro said it basically has a life of 1 1/2 hours in the body, far far less than Aleve) i just hate hate hate the thought of side effects (well don't we all??!!) but i know he has to be able to work and he's skirting the edge of disability if it goes any further it still makes me really nervous and afraid. He doesn't have asthma or COPD and i'm glad that you discovered that side effect in yourself! That also scares me, trying to figure out S/E's and what particular drug they're coming from, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

As for me, interestingly the best thing i've found (and i take a lot of supplements and alternative medicine) for my chronic viral flares of CFS is 1/2 tablet of Vicoden. Who would have thought it would help with that and make me feel almost normal? Don't understand that one. NSAIDS in that respect do nothing for me. So i am very thankful for Vicoden (i take it sporadically).
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