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Good morning girls. It heated up here quite a bit yesterday, but cooled down overnight. We have been watching the weather and looks like we may be in for quite abit of rain to go to Florida. I know Cozymel is having a lot of rain over the last couple months. Our excursion is inside though so we can still enjoy it if it rains while we are there.

I am about ready to shave my head. It is driving me nuts. My hair appt is on Saturday morning and Jack told me to hold on just a bit more. Most of the problem is it has grown out and I have super fine hair that gets in my face and such all the time and feels like cobwebs on my face when the fans blow. It will wake me up at night and creep my out if I am deep asleep.

Today I tackle the countertops and stove and do the dusting since I have been dragging my feet. I really hate to dust. Give me a dirty bathroom anyday over dusting.

I finished my scarf and will block it today and well on my way with my friend's footies. I used sport yarn instead of sock yarn so they will be thicker and warmer as she lives in northern Indiana. I will make her a sock yarn pair too for spring and summer. They are super easy to make.

Susan: If I eat a few crackers, I will always have some cheese or yogurt or even a slice of deli turkey or lowfat ham. I have to fight these meds all the time with them causing me to be hungry and I eat a bunch of tiny snacks, a Lean Cuisine meal for lunch then dinner and I seem to be ok, but once in awhile I just cannot get a handle on the hunger. I just try to do the best I can. I guess what I do is working as I have lost about 65 lbs since last years cruise. Hope your knee is much better. We need our knees, but darn if they don't cause us such trouble when we get older!

Jean: I only take BP meds and the hormone so I don't have to worry about the grapefruit. Jack takes cholesterol meds but he hates grapefruit so it isn't a problem there. Right now he can't see his cardiologist until he goes on Medicare next October. They were bought by Methodist and Tricare won't allow it. He is seeing his regular doctor until then just to keep an eye on him then will see Dr. Anderson again once he goes on Medicare. My opinion such as it is, is that the dingbats in Congress shouldn't be getting paid when the other federal workers aren't. We got our Navy retirement check, but who knows about next month. They'll figure it out pretty soon as some of Congress is up for re-election!

Maggie: Sounds like the Jeep is going to be really spiffy. We are tackling the Mariner on Sunday afternoon. I am going to vacuum it out really well then Jack is going to shampoo the carpets and seats in the front only. No one ever sits in the back! I am going to really clean and shine everything including the windows inside then we will run the outside through the carwash. Have fun when you leave for Texas.

Well, time to get morning chores started. Have a great hump day. Faye
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