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I think he probably was trying to be helpful, even if his execution was poor. And I agree that it's often more difficult to see pedestrians from a moving car than most people would assume.

I never realized how important it is to "stand out" until I moved to Northcentral Wisconsin, an area where people spend a lot more time outdoors, hunting, fishing, biking, walking, running, cross-country skiing.....

You've never seen so much blaze orange in you're life ( I had never even heard of blaze-orange until I came to Wisconsin) . There's even a common joke that you're not a "real" Wisconsonite if you don't own at least one piece of bright orange clothing.

Even so, every year several people are accidentally injured and killed in car/pedestrian and hunting accidents because they weren't seen by the driver or shooter.

This driver may not have delivered the advice well, but it still is good advice.
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