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Originally Posted by Avalon1957 View Post
Lisa, I am curious about your recent stall. So you are still on phase 1 but not losing? Is that common for a lot of people as you approach goal weight? Have the coaches helped with any additional guidance on breaking through? Just thought you might have some nuggets to share to help other dieters out as we'll all be down to within 10% of goal weight soon.

Personally my goal is 190, but I haven't been below 222 in 20+years. So I wonder if my body will just get to a point that it says, "that's it, you're not going to lose anymore". At that point I might just have to be happy that I got close to goal and then try my darnedest to maintain at that level.
I have seen tall/large frame people lose steadily and never stall. Even their slowdowns were minimal.

Here is another situation where we are all so different but I've definitely seen the shorter girls slow more at the end (guessing this has much to do with BMR)

My stall/slowdown is probably mostly due to health problems. I developed hypothyroid ON IP (many people do temporarily but mine didn't go away). Thyroid out-of-whack sends other hormones & neurotransmitters of-of-whack which slows metabolism. I also have chronic inflammation due to a chronic back condition and was treated with oral steroids back in April. My losses have not been the same since.

I cycled p2, p3 once before & lost about 6 lbs after returning to P1. This was a last-ditch effort plan to help my metabolism (thyroid, coritsol) by giving it carbs for a few weeks. Immediately I slept better and wasn't struggling with being cold all the time, so even tho I don't have tests to confirm, observational data told me I was doing the right thing for my hormones.

I was planning on doing p1 until Halloween and then taking a longer "break" (just from P1, not from IP) until January & get all testing completed in Dec to see how I am recovering (thyroid and cortisol markers). But if this move back to P1 helps me drop more weight, I may cycle through again, rather than test my patience with waiting to get to goal.

150 is only my "first" goal. I bet I'd be happier at 140 but we'll just have to see. I could also get to 150 and then use exercise/body sculpting to get me closer to how I want to look without losing the last 10 lbs (the whole muscle/fat thing) - hey, if the measurements change, I won't care so much what the scale says!

There are other ways to address true stalls - at least 4 weeks of no movement on scale or measuring tape (but more like 6 for a TRUE stallO such as bootcamp (a coach would guide you for that). When my slowdown/stall problems could be easily blamed on health issues, my coach (who is not a medical professional) really couldn't help. She suggested bootcamp but I knew that would be HARDER on my thyroid, not better.
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