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Originally Posted by Princess Peacock View Post
My protocol sheet and absolutely nothing I have read on this board says to that "IP allows for 1 cup coffee/tea a day." This is simply not true. The only guidelines is for every cup of coffee or tea you drink, you should add that many ounces of water to your daily intake.
I agree with that too Sweet...! That seemed like a small thing and not something that would hold a person's losses hostage. Also wondered that there may have been more misinformation given to Louie...but who knows? If Louie does not think something is "off" , then know what to question or ask for clarification...the total picture may be smoke and mirrors. This situation belongs on "another bad coach" thread ...

Louie...You may wnat to see if you can switch to another coach for a few weeks if that is an option...I think many of us on this board feel your coaching has possibly not followed the IP protocol and misled you. Even slightly, with a small amount to lose, will upset how this works.

Best of luck!
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