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Originally Posted by louielechien View Post
Yes, that's why I am frustrated. I followed as best I could...the first week I mistakenly thought it was UP TO 8 oz of meat, but the coach said No, it must be EXACTLY 8 oz of meat. I adjusted.

The coach said to add in the yogurt--I guess it is a modification or "alternative" protocol they offer if you get stuck. She gave me a preprinted sheet that offers a choice of adding 1 fruit a day or 1 dairy a day...I chose dairy.

First coach told me tea or coffee is OK as long as I added 8 oz of water for each caffeinated beverage, which I did. Last coach told me just stop the tea--green, black, herbal, all off limits.

Started with Bars for Restricted item. Last week coach said replace Bars with Peach-Mango drink to increase the protein. Now: 0 Restricted.

Hadn't heard about shots of olive using my oil quota on salads (?)

Have you ever done Atkins? Atkins Phase 1 gets to ketosis with high protein, but allows dairy as well a similar list of meat/veggies for its Phase 1. I may switch to that since I'm already in a no-carb, no alcohol, no caffeine zone and Atkins doesn't require as much meat guzzling.

I'm 5'7 and started at 156 lbs. Goal = 140 lbs, or BMI around 21. It should be a do-able amount of weight in a 4-6 weeks, but so far it is dropping ever so slow.
Are you on. .the alternative protocol? Don't know too much about that but there is another set of guides for those who may some health compromises. That program yields slower losses, and does I believe have things the original protocol does not. No one here on the original is allowed fruit or dairy on P1.

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