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Try strictly adhering to protocol and see if that makes any changes.
Yes, that's why I am frustrated. I followed as best I could...the first week I mistakenly thought it was UP TO 8 oz of meat, but the coach said No, it must be EXACTLY 8 oz of meat. I adjusted.

The coach said to add in the yogurt--I guess it is a modification or "alternative" protocol they offer if you get stuck. She gave me a preprinted sheet that offers a choice of adding 1 fruit a day or 1 dairy a day...I chose dairy.

First coach told me tea or coffee is OK as long as I added 8 oz of water for each caffeinated beverage, which I did. Last coach told me just stop the tea--green, black, herbal, all off limits.

Started with Bars for Restricted item. Last week coach said replace Bars with Peach-Mango drink to increase the protein. Now: 0 Restricted.

Hadn't heard about shots of olive using my oil quota on salads (?)

Have you ever done Atkins? Atkins Phase 1 gets to ketosis with high protein, but allows dairy as well a similar list of meat/veggies for its Phase 1. I may switch to that since I'm already in a no-carb, no alcohol, no caffeine zone and Atkins doesn't require as much meat guzzling.

I'm 5'7 and started at 156 lbs. Goal = 140 lbs, or BMI around 21. It should be a do-able amount of weight in a 4-6 weeks, but so far it is dropping ever so slow.
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