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Hey we must have all been "sisters' in a previous life?

I join in with the c-sections (3 of them for all 3 kids!!! - talk about having no stomach muscles left)...and had GD for one of them too!

Eczema around my eyes - ohmygod - I just started having that a while back - now seems under control - I was scared to put any prescription creams near my eyes as I was not sure if it was safe.

Have an appt with dermatologist to discuss...but a 3 month wait - how effective is that?

As for skin care - as Froufies age they need to be more careful with their skin to maintain their youthful appearance! ha ha

I currently use a neutrogena cleanser (pump bottle) and was using a neutrogena moisturizer as well (healthy skin?)...but recently noticed when getting out of the shower and putting it on it stung my skin! So I have stopped using is and have not bought anything new - just using up all those little samples I have. Lancome sample (new stuff called d-something?) is pretty good, but I think its supremely expensive so will go to drugstore instead.

Another great cleanser I use in shower is actually soap free - called spectroderm, very mild and excellent - I try hard not to use soap on my face or body as I find it too drying.

Time to go for hair appt (YIPPEE)...then maybe shopping for new moisturizer??? and need a new blue eye pencil (mine seems to have disappeared - should I dare questions my 12 yr old dd?)


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