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S/C/G: 188/Ticker/128

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I did calorie counting the first 20 lbs. 1300 a day. Then after that I wasn't losing much anymore so I started doing circuit training, 30 mins a day 5 days a week. I upped my cals to 1500 as well. It reaaalllyyy started to fall off then and I lost 15 more lbs or so. All in all it took me a year and two months. Oh, I also eat whatever I want. I really try to fuel my body with healthy choices but if I want Taco Bell or Kraft Mac n cheese then I eat it. And I don't feel guilty and I don't apologize lol. Just as long as I didn't go over 1500 cals, to me it was fine. Now at maintenance I've upped to around 1700 but I may have to go higher- I'm still workin it out.

My starting stats were-


178-180 lbs
Size 14 pants, M/L shirt, 12 dress
35% body fat

And after-

145 lbs

Size 6 pants, S shirt, 4 dress
23.9% body fat

Hope that helps!
One carrot for every 5 lbs lost!

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