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Hello everyone. Hope you've enjoyed your weekend. Today started off a bit chilly and a bit cloudy and it made me want to laze around with my tea instead of taking a bicycle ride.

I ended up going through my bin of newspapers to pull out the pieces I'd put aside for my mother - I'll bring those with me when I go Friday. Then I ended up sorting through all the newspaper sections I'd put aside for myself. I wish I didn't have that habit, but I feel better having sorted through them and pitching some in the recycle bin. But guess what - I didn't even get to today's paper, LOL.

After that, it was already afternoon, so I got busy and got my laundry sorted and a load going, then worked through my ab challenge. After that, a dog walk to the park, around the tennis courts and back home. It turned sunny so it was just the perfect first day of autumn.

Ceejay - Good job with the workout. Nice you stayed home today and didn't have to drive two hours. I hope you got to see your friend while she was in town. Wonderful you got that big discount on the medical bill, even though I'm sure the remaining balance is still hefty.

Happy - Yeh, it was rude of those women to push to the front - nervy. Sounds like the fest was an otherwise nice time. Poor Nina! And poor you cleaning up the messes. Yep, we're getting a warmup this week, so I'm not getting rid of the veg garden anytime soon, though I could yank out the green bean plants. You had quite the time pulling your garden - I would've given up when the rain came!! Good you weren't too far away to come to dh's rescue in response to the locked up keys. I hope you're making some yummy stuff with the last of the garden harvest. Re pizza - love pizza, love the leftovers. We did end up ordering a half veggie/half sausage pizza the other night - when we do that, I always eat one square of the meat side just to satisfy my taste for sausage or pepperoni, but avoid some of the guilt by eating mostly veggie.

Shad - Thanks for passing along the latest Mel update. I sure hope they can get the doc to come for a house call. You sound busy as usual. I understand messy trees - the squirrels are busy as usual this time of year making a mess with the acorns from our oak tree. Glad you are enjoying the car. Looking forward to seeing a pic. Probably a lot of features to become acquainted with. Safe travels and hope you get off to a good start.

Hellos to Mel, Annie & Michelle!!
It's taking bf a long time to mow the lawn - and he's still in the back! Certain parts of the lawn were really long, so he's having to empty the mower bag quite a bit. After he's done and showered, I imagine we'll go get some grub. In the meantime, I'm going to get my 2nd load of laundry out of the dryer and fold it.

I think I have everything I need to make a batch of curried lentil soup, think I'll put out all the ingredients and try to throw it together before or after we eat.

Off to the basement!

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