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Evening all,

Got up this morning - Nina made a big mess in the litter room so I had to spend about 45 minutes cleaning up. This after I spend 30 minutes cleaning up not more than 6 and a half hours earlier before I went to bed. DH was quite frustrated this morning. Then he wanted to hurry to get to the fall festival in town. Not sure what was the hurry as we had no other plans for the day so I hurried and got dressed and off we went. We were able to catch the start of the Weenie Dog (dachshund) races. However just as the race was starting some people pushed their way through the crowd to the front of the barrier - one girl said her mom was racing her dog, another woman said she was trying to take a photo for the local paper. It was really annoying as they blocked my view completely. There were also 2 young teenaged girls with really big knitted novelty hats (ie. view blocking also) who also tried to get to the front but people were not letting them through. As for the other 2, why couldn't they come 15 minutes early to secure a place? I didn't believe the woman who said she was taking a picture for the newspaper. So we watched one heat and walked away. I got a small accent lamp with a chickadee stencil on the shade, a small jar of tomato marmalade from a lady who makes the most delicious cherry amaretto jam and a bottle of all natural bug repellent that we have used before while riding the ATV. They had some really, really pretty jewelry with hand blown glass as well as polished rocks. I would have loved to get a few pieces but I just don't have any where to wear it here so I just admired it from afar as DH walked past the booths. Oh and I also got another kitchen towel that has a crocheted top that you can hang on a cabinet door. My Mom wanted some for Christmas and I got one for me and it actually is quite handy so I got another to switch off. We got some chicken wings for lunch but there were no empty tables to sit at so we just brought them home and ate them on the deck. It was a lovely day today. Talked to my Mom and sister on the phone and then made a quick supper, cleaned up the kitchen and did some laundry. I attempted to get at the pile of newspapers and magazines but DH was hungry so that will have to roll over to tomorrow's task. I was folding laundry and happened to turn on the TV and saw the movie Bridesmaids was on so like Laura, I watched it too. Now I can't get the song Hold On out of my head

Laura - yay for you on doing two 60 second planks! You are doing great on the challenge. Sounds like you did quite a bit of gardening too. My sister said she was thinking about taking out her garden but apparently it's going to warm back up again by you some time next week. You sure have had the heat - I'll take the warm sun but you can keep that humidity! I think taking your Mom on a girl's night dinner and show is a lovely idea for a birthday gift. Comes a point where what more can you buy someone that won't just lay around so a nice night out might be more enjoyable. Good idea on the book lamp also. I hate reading by those CFL bulbs. There's no such thing as too much light when it comes to reading.

Shad - I picture in my mind how colorful and lovely it must be down your way. But then again with the humidity comes the bugs too. We have baby stick bugs here that always remind me of Australia. However ours are only as long as my hand - tips to wrist so nothing like you see. But the idea of parrot flocking to flowers or the drunken birds on fermented sunflowers would be wondrous to see. I'm glad you are liking the new car. Does it have tech gadgets in it? I think they are moving towards the cars driving themselves. I think it's sad that they have a device that alerts you if you drift into the opposite lane of traffic - someone was thinking of the texters I'm sure. I have been meaning to ask and apologies if you explained but who are the wee ones in your avatar?

Poor Mel - your health speed bumps get larger each time. Wishing you a quick recovery and comfort

Ceejay - a 35 percent discount for paying early - who could argue with that! Still I'm sure the price was high. I think it's a good idea to schedule some time off in November and December - a de-stress time and make sure you have some fun. All work is not good - especially with the long shifts you pull.

I guess that's about it for me for now. Should try getting to bed maybe a bit earlier and rising a bit early too. Yep, I can't wait to get at that housework Later chicks.
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