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Evening ladies. It was a beautiful day here. I got out in the morning and cut back the remaining peony foliage and pulled some weeds and transplanted a couple stray sedum plants, adding them to the border on the north side of our property. I also picked a lot of cherry tomatoes, a few of the larger tomatoes, and 1 Fresno chili. The green beans seem to have completely died out and are kaput for the season. Later in the morning I did my abs challenge. It's getting pretty tough. But I am getting better with my planks. Today I did the 65 second plank for the day's challenge, which I did on my elbows. As usual.** But then I wanted to know if doing planks on my hands and toes like the regular pushup position would be easier so I did another 60 second plank after the 65 second one -* how about that?

Bf and I went to lunch and then the library. I borrowed 3 books, one of which I'll bring to my mom's when I visit on Friday. I also downloaded an ebook to my cell phone. Bf dug up his book light for me to take with me because the lamp in my moms guest room is very short and doesn't have a very big bulb in it and it's one of those funky CFL bulbs that's not very bright, so I'll have my book light to supplement it.. The last time I visited I dragged a large desk lamp that my mom uses in another room for sewing projects so I could have better light,* but it was a major PITA to do.

Since my department store sunglasses have recently deteriorated with the lens chipping and coming out of place as well as the 2 pairs of $ 1.99 sunglasses I bought on clearance at walgreens are not working out for me so I finally remembered to have b_f order the raybans that I found at sunglass hut back in July. However, he found them for much less money than sunglass Hut.* While he did that,** I took doggy for a walk by the creek. What a beautiful day. Tomorrow is supposed to the same. Bf has been non committal about going for a bike ride. He also mentioned he will mow the lawn tomorrow. I might go on a bike ride on my own tomorrow instead of waiting for him to decide if he wants to go. I still haven't decided what to buy my mother for her birthday. Bf suggested that she might enjoy seeing a show in Branson.* This was also a thought I had as well.* I will have to check online and see if anything jumps out at me.

Not doing much right now - watching some TV. The movie bridesmaids is on so I've been watching that. Guess I'll post this and get back to the movie. TTFN. Personals tomorrow!

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