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Crikey, no one here overnight. Good stuff as you should all be enjoying the weekends. They are not long enough as it is.

Flying to Mackay tomorrow - about 900Ks north of here. Got training on Tuesday through Friday and come home Friday night. Lot of work to do today to get ready for this.
So today I must mow the lawns and pick up the leaves from the Grevillea tree. Beautiful tree but messy and chucks off the leaves from late winter to early summer. Then the yellow flowers appear and the parrots flock in for the nectar.
Got to take the cat over to the DS2's place. Finish washing the floors, pack my stuff and get myself ready for tomorrows early start.

The new car is lovely. I will get some pictures soon, but have been a bit busy this weekend so far. It'll happen. Hopefully sooner than the power company working on my bill or the accountant with the trust fund papers. My taxes came through and my first pay went in. Sometimes, somethings just work.

Annie - sorry to hear about the arthritis. Hope you can find some sexy shoes that feel comfortable for your poor feet.

Laura - I've decided to try your ABs challenge as well. Haven't a hard time with the sit ups. But have worked out a method of getting them done. Now up to day 5.

Michelle - glad you had the chat with the stepmom. Maybe she sees something about the spending you are doing, although I think it is normal as you come out of your grief and stress period. However you will have to force yourself to save because otherwise there may not be much to live on at a later time.

Happy - poor DH. I've managed to lock myself out of the house a couple of times, it is a real pain. Lucky he had you close enough to come and get him.

Ceejay - Hi.

Gotta get off here. The day is getting away from me.
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