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I wanted my son to be open to eating everything especially vegetables. So I made sure from the time he started eating solids to give him different veggies and fruits even if I have never had them before or even liked them. I also started trying baby lead weaning, which he just flourished with. When I started my diet I started trying new things with him. Now I got the exact opposite problem you have. He refuses to eat his meat and will insist on picking out and eating all his veggies. Lets just say there has been an increased frequency of diaper "blow outs". So now I only give him meat first. Once he has eaten enough to satisfy me he gets his veggies. I wont even let him see them or he will cry and throw his meat on the floor. He is usually hungry so when he thinks all he is getting is what is on his plate he'll eat his meat. All I can suggest is give him his veggies first as others suggested. Now that I think of it I have found protein alternatives that I mix into his veggies to help make sure he gets enough (ex. Quinoa). Perhaps as other suggest you can mix in veggies so he can't tell they are there or add other alternatives with similar nutrients into his food.
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