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Glad you had the talk with your stepmom. Always good to clear the air.

You were a trooper to go get the stranded dh. You did a lot of work in the garden before the rain started. I'd rushed inside when the rain started. I love the fall weather also. We got some much needed rain today. The slow kind that makes you sleepy.

When will Sissy have the ultrasound done? I'm anxious to find out whether it is a boy or girl.

I dread going to work tomorrow, but I need the over time. i still have 84 vacation hours left to take off so I'm thinking ahead, a week off in November and one in December.
Picked up my pay check this morning and went to pay my utility bill then to pay for the cat scan at the hospital. I put the cat scan on my credit card. I got a 35% discount for paying it off in 30 day's.
I understand the concerns about having a room mate. I've managed onmy own for all these years. My sis will be working during the day, so this should help. If she happens to find a job more closer to home then I'll have to work out something else. I do like my privacy and having my own rules.
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