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Good Morning, Coaches.

I enjoyed yesterday's day off. I had been working so much overtime, I got yesterday and today comp. I have really been enjoying my VItamixer. I can't believe how much it has changed our lives. DH has gotten onboard with us. Since I am doing two smoothies a day, I make my dinner one and then make one for DH, pack it in a Pint and a Half Mason jar, and stick it in the fridge. DH snags it at 5:30 in the am when he leaves. I make my morning shake and make one for DS at the same time. I love that they are getting so much good stuff all at once. Plus, I have started making DH a lunch so he won''t have to stop at the Plug and Jug Market (the only quick mart around the ranch) and eat god knows what for lunch.

This food program has changed my shopping habits as well. We power through fresh fruits and veggies at an incredible pace. So I sneak by the market that has day old produce cheap more. Also, I can't eat processed food because it has hidden amount of the foods I am avoiding. Yesterday, I found a 4oz organic packet of prosciutto normally $6.50 with a sale and a dollar off making it $4.00. That is still a $1.00 an ounce when I usually buy sale lunchmeat for about $1.50 for 8 ounces.

And what did I do? I stared at it for awhile, walked away, came back and stared at it again and then bought two packs. Why? Beause I am committed to cleaning up our food act. Less is more and I am excited to search cooking to find wonderful recipes using meat as a condiment rather than the meal itself.

All this is made possible because I am through with my degree, my son is much more independent and I have TIME. I want to thoroughly enjoy this year and use the time to make my food program work. No procrastinating, I might be going back full time next fall.

Wave to all. So proud of the success of everybody: getting back on OP, not eating over frustration, planning for exercise classes, stopping when full.

Now off to step class.

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