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Morning all,
Quick one. Promise I will be longer and more wordy and more boring over the weekend.

My car is ready for pickup. I'm leaving work early to go get it. Good bye Astra, hello A3. That is of course as long as the money comes in to their bank account. Should do. Most get transferred in 24 hours and I have seen that it went out of mine at 0830 yesterday. So provided it is there, I will be taking DS2 and J out to dinner in style tonight.

Happy - sorry to hear about Nina. It's so hard for the furry kids when they can't tell you where it hurts and sometimes its a genetic thing - something we can't know about because we have no history of where they came from.

Annie - poor Sam. Bet this is the last one she will have.

Michelle - until you ask the question, you won't know the answer. It's sad that we can't always live together in harmony, but that's human nature. Last time DS2 shifted home, I couldn't wait for him to move out again. It was so hard living with someone else again. Your stepmother is probably used to being on her own.

Laura - I didn't realise until reading back in the posts that you were so close to goal weight. Well done you.
As for the boots, well as long as you are comfortable and dry who cares, but then again, it isn't the greatest look for the office.

Ceejay - People shouldn't assume that they can live together - see Michelles comment earlier. It never seems to work out all that well. You don't need slave status either.

That's it. Gotta move on. It's a bit like the Marie Celeste here today. People are a bit thin on the ground. Have to communicate via phone and e-mail. Aah well c'est la vie.
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