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LOL! I'm an insatiable reader.

Even so, I don't think you should take anything I said as an indictment of all or any sweetener. Personally, I consider splenda, xylitol, stevia, and all the other low-cal sweeteners, even the much maligned aspartame safer for my body than any real sugar, even natural sugar from fruit.

I think the primary problem with all sweeteners from fruit sugar to aspartame to maple syrup is a matter of dose.

I'm diabetic, and have other health issues that are made worse by "real" sugars. For several years I kept detailed symptom logs and learned that wheat and sugar aggravate
My symptoms. Artificial sweeteners do not.

Most of the scariest claims about artificial sweeteners are untrue or grossly exaggerated, or attributed to all of the sweeteners, when the research only found a link to one.

Many entirely natural foods have a higher incidence of effects and worse potential reactions, but no one blinks an eye or warns you to never eat those foods because some people will have a reaction.

For me "real sugar" such as from maple syrup or even from fruit, tends to make me hungrier. Artificial sweeteners too, but too a lesser degree.

Also, as I mentioned I use small amounts of a variety of sweeteners and work at decreasing my overall intake. I do not do well with moderation when sugar is involved
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