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Good morning!

Lisa you are absolutely right - planning is the key. I have ziplock bags labeled for every day of the week in a cupboard in my kitchen and it's easy to pull the right day out. I spend a little time each weekend setting up the next week menu and I post it on the fridge. If I'm pressed for time (and who isn't?) I can always grab a previous week's menu.

It helps that I also save corresponding shopping lists for each week - I can get the menu done and know what I need in about 15 minutes.

And I have packets stashed everywhere. If I have an event I have Plan A, Plan B and "worst case scenario."

I have way too much invested in IP, both emotionally and financially, to cheat. I don't think there are "small cheats" or "big cheats" - there are just cheats. And it isn't really cheating the program, it's cheating yourself out of potential fat gone, money spent and time invested. We all deserve the success that comes with staying OP and sabotaging ourselves with cheats can rob us of that success.

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