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Morning all.

Ceejay - You have to listen to your body - if you're not feeling up to a particular exercise, skip it for the time being. Gosh, I would have sent you some of our rain - it rained so much on Sunday. I like the idea of checking out youtube for exercise videos. I've never found a yoga one I like.

Michelle - Hope you made good progress on your to-do list for work. Yes, the DC shipyard shootings are awful. Turns out the shooter was suffering from some sort of mental illness. Very sad if that could have been avoided through treatment.

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies!!! Hope you're off to a good start or finish to your day.
Nothing much to report. I ate way too much salty junk yesterday, so I'm not sure about having a good weigh-in today.

I did my ab challenge and Pilates class last night.

I received my passport in the mail yesterday, so I'm happy that's out of the way. They didn't send back my expired passport, which I believe they've done in the past. I was momentarily annoyed by this, but then I remembered that I didn't have any punches or stamps in it anyway!! I believe my only "foreign" travel during the time of my last passport was a ground crossing to Canada and they didn't stamp it at all for that.

I haven't received my BE dvd's yet and we're going on two weeks now. Sigh. I might do one of my other BE workouts tonight. I've been dvr'g the BE shows currently airing on my local PBS station the past week or so and have confirmed I have those shows already saved onto my own dvds. However, one of the shows looked unfamiliar to me. I checked my log (whenever I do an exercise video, I log which video/episode # so I don't repeat them often) and it turns out I'd never actually done that particular episode. I wonder how many of those are out there? I'm looking forward to finding out.

No movie tonight since they moved it to last night. Happy to have the free time.

The boss has sent the sr mgr and I three e-mails about some exhibit she wants done so I better get to it.

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