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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a cloudy cool day again today -- feels like fall! My day started off by over sleeping by an hour plus! I never do that! I don't know what happened but evidently I set the tv to come on at the wrong time or didn't hit the "set" button. Anyhow, it took longer at church this morning on my part because of automatic giving from bank accounts. I have the gift shop money counted and ready for the bank. When I got home I started my day over again with a hot shower. Now, at least, I feel more or less human. We had planned on soccer games tomorrow night but looks like we won't be going at all this week. Bob has a city meeting tomorrow night, I have cards tonight, and we have a church meeting on Thursday night so all three nights could be game possibilities. Next week is make up games so will go then. Ian's team won last night. His other grandparents were also there so our DQ treat afterwards took longer than usual and it was almost midnight when we got home.

"Gma" -- Your commissary sounds like our WM with one check out going. The only problem is WM never calls for help. Hope you are feeling better by now. Every once in awhile I get a stiff neck on one side and don't know if I sleep on it wrong or it's the way I hold the iPad when I'm trying to watch tv too. We average around 100 for first service and most people tend to sit in the same spot. When we just had the one service during the summer, there were quite a few people I didn't know but recognized as second service attenders. You belt turned out cute!

Susan -- It sounds like you and Sandy have moving down to a science. I've heard others say the allergies are reving up again. it was 43 here this morning. I'm not ready for it to be that cold yet.

I need to head to the bank and drop the checks off at the hospital. Enjoy the rest of your day!
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