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The Simple Diet also uses frozen dinners (shakes, soups, and bars too - plus fruits and veggies too).

I like to cook, but the last several months have been rough (health issues, long story), and I just don't have the time I used to.

Frozen dinners used to be pretty bad in flavor, selection and nutrition - bland, despite tons of salt and almost no vegetables (except corn and potatoes).

You can't say that any more. The variety can be mind-boggling, especially in bigger stores. They're often still a bit skimpy on veggies, but that can be easily remedied with frozen veggie blends or salad in a bag.

The best part... no leftovers.

I'm a sucker for leftovers, especially of "healthy" dishes. Unless I divide a dish immediately into meal-portioned freezer containers, I end up picking at leftovers all evening.
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