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Originally Posted by Harriette View Post
I normally eat the Smart ones but eat some of the LC items too. I pretty must eat 6 dinners a week from Smart ones or LC. I stay within my recommended Sodium. I find they help me with portions and are yummy! My hubby will go get himself Pizza and I will pop a LC pizza in the microwave and also have pizza but with no guilt!

People say you should not eat them all the time, blah blah but really it comes down to what works for you. I lost 60 lbs 2 years ago eating them everyday. It was not because I stopped eating them that I gained the weight but rather I temporarily gave in to the temptations of my hubby's food temporarily, as in 8 months to a year of his food and here I am battling it again.

I would have NO chance of losing weight if I did not eat these meals. They are easy and fast and I do not have to plan, I just pop them in when I get home and in 5 minutes am eating.
FLIPPING THANK YOU!!!!! I have been using frozen meals for all of my meals. I am out of my 280s and am 5 pounds away from being in my 250s and it has been less than two months since I started. I am not a cook, not even a little. I realized the problems in the past came from me trying to cook up my own meals. Uhm, didn't work! I hate to think of all of the time and money I used up trying to be Miss Chef knowing my as* can't do it! I finally gave up after trying months and months of cooking and still being the same weight. I went to Walmart and got some frozen meals. I was there more than an hour picking out things that I liked and that I knew I would eat. Smart ones, Lean Cuisines and Healthy Choice. I added some fiber bars, Special K bars, plenty of water, steamable veggies and I was on my way. I sat down and formulated a plan on my calories, proteins and such. I didn't have to cook and it worked out well. I just pop my meals in the microwave and eat them. I wanted to be in my 250s so bad. I refer to my 250s as being in The Promised Land as I have not been in my 250s since my early 30s and I am almost 40. Just five more pounds and I am there, all thanks to my frozen meals. I used to try to cook, burn it, become upset and eat junk. Now I grab a meal and eat it. I already know what I feel like eating. Smart Ones have barbeque chicken breast that I can feast on when I am in the mood. I can also have steak and even meatloaf from all of them. I love it. I wish I had came to this realization sooner but better late than never!

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