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Default Diabetes Help (SORRY for LONG Post!!)

Is anyone here a TYPE 2 Diabetic? I need some feedback/thoughts… It will require a little if my history. I know I am asking a lot for you to read this, but if you have experience or are knowledgeable on the topic, I certainly appreciate your help!

Diagnosed 4 years ago, cut back on sugars and a few "white things" THEN 2 years ago came to the realization that I had to manage my overall daily carb intake in order to manage my diabetes (as well as lose weight, etc.) Did Atkins 10 years ago so already aware of low carbing lifestyle. Started testing, working with a nutritionist to guide portions; she reviewed meal/blood sugar log to pinpoint things that cause sugar spikes.

Didn't lose a lot or fast that way, but did get my sugars/A1C to start decreasing. A1C went from mid 9's to mid/low 7s. Blood sugar after meals initially would climb to the 180s (sometimes higher, sometimes lower), but after awhile, started creeping down to the 140s 2+ hours after eating and drop to 120s fairly quickly. Morning Fasting BS continued higher than desired, almost no matter what I ate at night (or didn't eat). Often was 130s-140s. Over time moved into the 120s, teens and sometimes close to 100. ALSO found I am very sensitive to carbs in the morning if I eat more than 15-20g.

Of course, IP was not only the magic bullet to weight loss for me (YAY!!!) but also hoped it would work its magic on my blood sugar as it has for SO MANY other IPers (low/no spikes, off meds, etc.) First 2 months I saw overall decreases; often morning BS in the low to mid 90s. A1C after first 3-4 months 6.3. Fasting blood sugar 115 (It can be 90s at 6-7 am, but by 8 am if fasting is on the rise - hence higher when I get labwork).

I have dropped 40lbs met a good weight goal, moved thru P2. In P3, the BIG breakfast with carbs in low 30s, using both grain (thin wheat round) and fruit (blueberries) with yogurt, BS spiked into the 180+ range! EEEK!! Still sensitive!! Grrr! Tried a couple different combos of BIG breakfast, but just cannot eat the carbs unless I choose grain or fruit, not both.

UPSHOT - I am into maintenance, 40 lbs lighter and still on meds to help diabetes. I am not going wild in maintenance, in fact eating some days like P2/P1. Morning BS is higher again (110-120) and getting more spikes after reasonable meals with few grain/fruit carbs (or even none except P1 veggies). Recently read that low carbing for diabetics can actually get the body used to lower carbs so it starts reacting to them as if they were at a higher level, raising sugars anyway. No idea how accurate that is!

Anyone else lose a good deal of weight but still have the same blood sugar issues?? Doc originally said, "Loose 10-20 lbs and you will probably be off all your meds…" NOT! FRUSTRATED (though still very HAPPY with weightloss). Really want to figure out how to get better control over blood sugars! THOUGHTS?? THANK YOU!!!!!!!
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