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Originally Posted by SuzieV View Post
I've been on IP using alternatives for 12 weeks. Decided to move to P3 last Friday. There was no ah-ha moment, but my losses had slowed to a snail's pace and it just felt right. I was very concerned about BOB (big ole breakfast)...eating almost as many calories just for breakfast as I had eaten all day, scared the bejesus out of me! Well it's been 3 days and I weigh exactly the same as the day I started P3...UNBELIEVABLE.
Good news indeed! I am 2 weeks in doing alternatives and have lost 11 pounds. My plan is do Ph 1 until the end of October and see how close I am to this goal. Then, like you, I will go straight to Ph 3. then Ph 4 until just before New Years and then it will be time to reset my goal weight and start Ph 1 again.

This is my second time on IP, but the first time I had no plan in mind other than reach my goal weight. For some reason having predetermined times for phasing off and phasing back on is making it mentally much more doable for me. I also do not feel hungry at all, nor have any food cravings this time. I attribute that in part to eating eggs for breakfast which powers me up much better than any other IP or alternative food I could choose. I also wake up feeling a little light headed (My BP has always been on the low side) so I take my 1/2 tsp of salt in warm water and slug it back with my breakfast.

I just feel so much more in control of my destiny this time.

Really glad to hear you are enjoying your BOB without the expected weight gain, I think this just shows you were right to listen to your body and phase off when you did. Well done!!!

One for every 5 gone!!
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