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Hello Everyone and happy day to all. Just a few shout outs to a few folks:

@SweetScrumptious - that's funny about the weird look from the barista @Starbucks but, do you really care? Lol. So long as you get what you're paying for, I say, don't let the look affect you - besides, they are probably thinking "I'll have to try that next time". Haha! You mentioned that you get the daily videos and typically don't have time to watch them all. I encourage you to get up 10 min earlier and go about your daily routine and squeeze it in. They are worth it, for real. Even if it appears irrelevant or something unappealing, just listen and it will rev up your day and help you focus on IP. Try it

@Sonyasbug - glad to hear your review of the Doppio drink, as well. I think I just like to hear myself say: Doppio, it's funny. Adding the WF Caramel Syrup sounds divine however, how much of the syrup do you use - 1 tbsp? My thing is, I don't trust myself with the WF syrups and caramels - I mean, they look delicious however, I fear I would go overboard and, one of my bad things is portion control (which is why WW was no good for me). How do you limit your consumption?

@Sonolady - @Lisa offered up a nice idea (thanks Lisa!), which was very helpful to read. I never considered using the casin powder and syntrax nectar, that's a little too advanced for me at this point to think outside the IP Box, haha. But, I will try it in time. I have a sweet tooth and I don't mind the artificial flavorings (probably a bad thing but, for a limited time, should be okay) - so I really like the Ready-to-go drinks. The vanilla offers me a sweet kick to the coffee coupled with 2pkts of stevia. My coach wants me to eventually ween myself off and go straight up black but, that's not going to happen anytime soon. It's like a coffee ritual right now that I look forward to in the AM. Last wk was my first week trying the vanilla pre-made and, it comes with a silver tab that covers the hole on top (where straw inserts) so I just lift that, pour 1oz into measuring cup and then replace the silver tab and place into the fridge; it lasted all week and there was no spoilage. I've read that a bunch of people complained about this nasty residue that's left on the bottom of the coffee cup after using the pre-made Vs. skim milk and I actually had the awful pleasure of witnessing that at work, it was lovely *yuck*. So, I've started to continually stir it up before each sip (especially if the coffee has been sitting there awhile) and that totally solved the problem.

@Clarington @sonyasbug: glad to hear you like the omelette's as well. I never considered adding WF Maple Syrup; sounds yummy. And, what a great idea to pre-make and bring it to work for lunch (easy re-heat if you have a microwave).

Thanks for the feedback & ideas everyone!
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