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Originally Posted by clbott View Post
I have mixed feeling about this - my clinic only charges for food - not for anything else - my initial visit was $126. that included 3 choices of food, vitamins, shaker, weigh-in, body mass calculation, measurements, salt, and tote bag. After that I pay $27 per box of product plus can buy extra shakers etc if I want them.

But my "coaching" is almost non-existant, but I'm not paying for anything else. I am beginning to add alternatives as my clinic is far away. I can't figure out if I would be willing to pay more for some actual coaching or if I should be greatful for the low prices. LOL

If I had'nt found this site I probably would have quit by now!
This is the exact same for me! Well except my initial visit was $250, food is $29.00-36.00 a box, but yeah my coaching is non existant, my coach was cool for about 2 weeks but I just don't think she cares and I don't mean about me, I think her heart just isn't in this program. I just buy the food and go to my weigh in, she hasn't responded to my messages about weighing in for 2 weeks though. Ugh.
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