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Originally Posted by vachinyc View Post
My clinic is firm on the 8 oz of protein.

Weigh in went great - which is a fun way to start the weekend. Actual fat loss -they have the scale thing that measures - was 7.3 pounds this week! Wow. This IP lifestyle is amazing. Especially since all this progress is happening and I generally don't feel deprived/hungry.

They are having me add the detox pills starting this coming week. I didn't really know there was a 'detox' more than the food changes on IP but I'm game to try it.

W1: -2.4
W2: -4.4
W3: -6.2 (this is about 3.5 weeks on plan)
Total: -13
@vachinyc i wanted to say congrats on the loss and such a great week; sounds like you are totally committed and it's great to read as it's really inspiring. one question, what are detox pills and what are they intended to do?

@Lisa I never said THANKS for starting these threads on a daily basis and wanted to give a special shout out to you, "YEAY LISA; THANK YOU!" I'm pretty green to this forum and I just gotta say, you make it really easy to participate and it's super motivating

@slownsteady, hmmm, what should you bring to the 'crab feed' tonight, that's a great question. i'm not a fan of crustaceans however, if it's fresh and presented nicely than I could be tempted. i could see how folks can love it, it's pretty. hopefully you can enjoy on the beach! as for ideas of what to bring, are you leaning towards a veggie dish? maybe you can bring a yellow and green zucchini type dish with olive oil and sprinkled with herbs de provence (is that boring?) - i'm just trying to think of something colorful. i'm sure others will be more creative. i'm still learning to work within IP but wanted to try to help, LOL. enjoy!
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