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Question Quick, simple and healthy meal ideas???

Hi, I am looking for some quick, simple and healthy meal ideas. I am having ankle arthroscopy surgery on Tuesday and I won't be able to bear weight on my right ankle for four to six weeks, so I would greatly appreciate some easy, quick and healthy meal ideas.

I will be having a caregiver over to help me with some things so I am hoping that they can prepare a few easy meals, then I will put some leftovers in the fridge and freezer.

A few ideas that I have which are pretty basic are:

Hot or cold cereal for breakfast maybe I'll have some orange juice, I like Trop 50, a reduced calorie OJ

Yogurt such as Dannon lite and fit or Yoplait lite with fruit for breakfast

For lunch maybe some healthy cold cuts with a tortilla and a condiment

Healthy soup for lunch or dinner

For dinner, maybe whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce

Or instead for dinner, a frozen entree such as Lean Cuisine

For healthy snacks, maybe Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop microwave popcorn



Raw carrots with hummus

Part skim mozzarella string cheese

Pretzels, low fat chips or veggie chips

This is a start but I would greatly appreciate some suggestions, advice and ideas.

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