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Default Alli results!

Hi all,

Day 4 using Alli and down 4.2 pounds already! I have had absolutely zero side (treatment yikes!) effects. I have been combining Alli with the Weight Watchers online program but for those familiar with WW, I have been eating my full 26 points plus digging about 5 points per day into the allocated bonus points. So my diet has been quite low fat but today I went for coffee with a friend and had a bagel with butter (I blotted it with a napkin though) and then took my kids for sushi and had one piece of tempura (verrrrry greasy and not blotted). Now I feel nauseated but 3 hours later and no grossness or "oily encounters"...Aside from a few short bike rides with my kids I have completed zero dedicated exercise but that is not like me and I do usually do an hour or cardio + weights about 3 times per week. I am 5'4" and have creeped up to a scary 177 lbs. As of mid day today (after having had 2 meals), I am down to 172.8. My goal is 150 which at close to 40 years old and having had 2 kids seems like a good goal. That usually puts me at a size 6/8.

Does anyone have any current Alli successes?
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