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Morning all. Back to work for a 4-day workweek.

Mel – Glad to have you back here with us! I liked your owl/September graphic! Sorry to hear of Jen’s trouble w/ the expired license. So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I hope the doc can help you. Glad to hear Richie will soon be rid of the bad tooth. I hope September is a better month for all of you! Part 2: Oh no, I sure hope you don’t have to be admitted into the hospital, but the lung and gut pain sound serious. Saying my prayers for you!!

Ceejay – Sounds like you had a good time with your sis and other family, including the bbq and b-day celebration. Oh why does it have to end so quickly??!!

Happy – Glad you had a nice weather weekend. Your dinner out sounded really nice. Nice you got out on the ATV yesterday and had good weather conditions for that. Four hours!! Wow. Sorry to hear you wrenched your knee. I hope the pilates/yoga videos get you moving and work out the kinks. And get on the treadmill – use it or lose it girlie!! But do take it easy on the trouble parts, and just remember, baby steps!! Much as I loved the Jazzercise classes this summer, they definitely didn’t have sufficient warm-ups and cool-downs for me. Re the sheer shades - I totally get not wanting to go outside to see just how sheer they are. Not when there are bears and porcupines around!!! Honestly, I’m nervous about going out back with the flashlight to see if any skunks are around before I let Coal out there! Re the movies – I’ll have to borrow Big Wedding when our library has it.

Shad – Thanks for setting us up with a new thread for September. Even though it’s not spring here, it is the time of year for new beginnings, so it fits even for us Northern Hemisphere Worldlies. Glad things have been set to rights with your sis. You sound very busy with your garden – what else is new?? Me, I pulled a few weeds yesterday and quit before I got dirty and sweaty. Anyway...looking forward to photos in a week or two. Grrrr, having to hound the auto dealer and the power co yet again!!! Bummer you can’t have your duplicate tax payment $$ back, but good you’ve got your next estimated payment taken care of…Hope nothing’s wrong with the kitty cat.

Annie – Sounds like you had a nice weekend with the li’l guy, and showing him off to C’s folks.

Hi Michelle!! Hope you had a good weekend!
My weekend was nice, not overly busy. Friday night I opted to stay home instead of going to the b-day celebration with bf because he intended on staying longer than I would have wanted. I watched the dvd Mildred Pierce. Good movie. I’m so glad I got home early from work – a strong storm came through and the usual rush hour trains were delayed for hours! I was receiving Metra alerts in my e-mail until well after 1 AM! In spite of the lightning and thunder, doggy was just fine. I think he’s getting past his fear, though we haven’t had any really loud thunder storms in a while.

Saturday I overslept! I woke up at 8:00 and couldn’t possibly make my 8:15 am Jazzercise class. Instead I finished my passport application and took it to the post office to mail. Yay, that’s done! After that I dropped off some books & dvds at the library and went to the thrift store. It was the last day of the month and they had a sale for the last day of the month – 50% off everything priced over $1.00. For less than $9.00 I bought: a pair of casual slacks, a raincoat, a top, a glass measuring cup, and one of those “As Seen on TV” Wraptastic thingies. Bf and I buy a couple long loaves of French bread at a time from a restaurant that has the brand we love (Gonnella) and we slice it to sandwich size, wrap it in plastic wrap, and freeze it. Same thing with the bialys. We’ll see if the wraptastic makes our “wrap sessions” any easier. For the $1.50 it cost me, it’ll be fun to try out. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a while. We currently have a brand new 300 foot roll of plastic wrap, and the wraptastic only accommodates rolls up to 200 feet.

In the afternoon, we picked up bf’s mom and went to his nephew’s housewarming party together. They have a nice townhouse now and I’m happy they’ll have all that extra space. Aside from a dog walk, I don’t recall what else we did that evening aside from the usual dogwalk. Oh, a couple loads of laundry.

Sunday morning was my usual tea & newspaper. We finally installed the new headboard that afternoon. It looks really nice – makes the bed more special. I’m glad to have taken down the artwork we had over the bed – I never liked it and bf claims he never did either. We only ended up with it because at the time we bought 4 other pieces from the same person on craigslist that I did like and bf was itching to buy just about all the artwork/wall hangings these folks were selling just to have something on our walls. I wasn’t keen on it from the beginning, but why we ended up with it, I don’t know. Whatever – now we can post it on craigslist and get rid of it. Yesss!!! And now I have something else to look for – artwork that will fit over the headboard.

Sunday evening we went to a festival. We brought a friend with us and met another one there. We ate a couple things and listened to a band. We enjoyed ourselves for the short time (~90 min.) we were there, but it was really crowded. (Usually we go during the day when it’s less crowded.) We didn’t stay for the fireworks because a storm was coming through. Luckily we got back to the car and on our way home before the rain started. By the time we got home, it had stopped raining in our area. I stayed up late and watched the last 3 episodes of the Pride & Prejudice series with Colin Firth and enjoyed it. I’ll have to catch the first few episodes sometime.

Monday morning I went to the special holiday Jazzercise class and had a good workout. We didn’t do much else the rest of the day – I pulled some weeds, did another load of laundry, picked up a couple chrysanthemums at Home Depot, went out to lunch, walked doggy, lounged around in the yard enjoying the nice cooler temps.

Exercise classes don’t start til next week. Movie night tonight. I didn’t respond for voting and the movie selected is “The Spectacular Now”. I have no clue what that’s about, so I’ll have to look it up and see if I’m interested. Right now the idea of going home and planting myself on the sofa sounds more appealing, LOL.

Okay, enough rambling, there’s work to be done. TTFN!
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