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Actually, Joe, there is another possible explanation than habit alone (and perhaps I'm about to tell you what you already know). What you have cut back on in your diet are quick-burning carbs--breads and grains, starchy foods, sweets, fruit, etc. When a carb-sensitive person is hungry and eats quick-burning carbs (like those in fast food), those carbs cause their blood sugar to spike, which triggers their body to release a flood of insulin, which causes their blood sugar then to drop rapidly, which triggers their hunger again, and the process repeats itself. Even after eating to the point of being full, a little while later, the person wants to eat again because their blood sugar has dropped. By eating quick-burning carbs in the past, which you may be sensitive to (some people aren't; their bodies don't release too much insulin in reaction to them), you might have been creating a roller coaster ride with your blood sugar and in turn, your hunger. It may not have been emotional eating, but it wouldn't have been only habit either. Carbs would have been causing a physiological response in you. I've read a lot about this type of response because I have a family history of insulin issues and I am sensitive to carbs. I wish I weren't and as I've mentioned, some people aren't, but it does sound to me like you may be. I suspect that a lot of overweight people have a carb sensitivity, which can lead to insulin resistance, which can lead to type 2 diabetes. I'm not sure that what I'm describing is the same kind of addiction as described in the original CNN interview, since it's talking about the release of dopamine and serotonin and its effect on the brain, and I'm talking about the release of excess insulin and its effect on blood sugar.
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