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Hi all,

Happy Labor Day - hope all of us in the States are enjoying a nice holiday today. Yay for us laborers!!

Yesterday we took a great ATV ride for 4 hours - the weather and trail conditions were perfect. Had lunch, came home and washed up and then went out and met my cousins at a bar for dinner and a few cocktails. A really nice day out.

Today we both worked outside - I pulled out my sugar snap peas - they are still producing at the tops but the root stem has dried up and rotted so they aren't getting enough nutrients. I also picked my red tomatoes - we are going to have a couple of bouts of chilly nights in the 30's so I thought it better to let them finish ripening in the sun inside rather that have the chill affect their taste on the vine outside. Now I'm looking up recipes to use up what veggies I have left.

Glad to hear that those who have posted so far are having a good weekend and celebrations with family and loved ones. That's what life's all about.

Quick post for me - I've got to get back to meal planning. Enjoy!
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