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Hi everyone,

Food has been OP today although no exercise--I did enjoy reading on the deck in the sun, though!

At lunch, I finished eating before I ran out of cheeseburger--and at dinner, I stopped with corn on the cob, pineapple, and stuffed green pepper still on my plate. I was full--and I stopped. Credit for that!

My weight is below ticker--I'll probably update the ticker tomorrow. Between us, DH and I have lost over 70 pounds this year. We're pretty pleased with ourselves :-)

Tomorrow, I'm planning a light breakfast and light dinner, because DD has asked if we can go to Uno's. (I'm picking her up for room decorating retail therapy and Uno's is right next to the Ikea.)

I have a big party to go to next weekend and am hosting one the weekend after. Time for me to do some soul searching--do I want to lose more weight and reach my goals or do I want to eat nonstop/constantly at parties? I can't do both--it just doesn't work that way.

I'm taking time for personals today--new month, new stone--I think doing personals keeps me more connected to all of you and that much more committed to my path and goals.

Newlifestyle: Credit for putting together a few alternatives to switch between for breakfast and lunch! That makes things so much easier, I think--simple is easy to follow and it leaves only dinner to really "plan".

ForMyGirls: Credit for holding out the fruit bread--that sounds delicious! "Not feeling well" or "injured" is a slippery slope for me--sometimes, I truly can't exercise, but I don't want to strengthen my giving in muscle, so I struggle with it, too.

BillBE: I'm jealous of your whale watching! Thanks so much for taking vacation time to set up this new thread for us!

ForMyGirls: I think it's great that you're recognizing that while meditation is so important to you, stretching is even more so. Credit for keeping both of them at the forefront.

gardenerjoy: You were really close to your exercise goals for August--it's got to be inspiring to watch the minutes add up.

happyhoustonmommy: Serious credit for almonds over chocolate. Lots of people have great success with Atkins. I hope it's a good fit for you!

Take care, all.
Goal: Back to where I was!
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