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hey all, real quick, typing w/ one hand It ended up that my supply was just not enough, period. This is really upseting since I EBF my last son with no issues. However this little guy was readmitted to the hospital and I was asked not to BF until his bili as down. I pumped and was getting like 1/4 oz between both sides, used to get a few oz a breast with other baby, but didn't BF without pump until he was 9 days old. Basically my supply got of to a poor start, but I really thought I caught up after I started BFing. It seemed he was eating all. the. time. But I figured it was building my supply. Anyway he's a month old today and has not been gaining, so I'm back to supplementing. I also have hypothyroidism which I did not have with my other son whic I read can effect milk supply, and I was severely anemic after this baby, again can effect milk supply...
anyway not giving up yet, but ok with supplimenting if that's what has to be done. since I started supplementing he actaully sleeps more than 15 minutes! With bf he was cat napping in my arms for like 10-15 mins at a time then wake up crying to eat so i'd sit all day and bf.
my milk also came in late, 5 days PP, (by then baby was back in the was weird b/c my milk came in on like day 2 with my other babies.

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