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Originally Posted by SylviesGirl View Post
I think I kind of know how you're feeling, though you've been at this longer than I have. When I began, I had hoped to be finished by Christmas this year. That's not looking like it will happen and I am beginning to feel a bit resentful of it. I am working on reshaping my expectations and reforming my attitude, but it seems to be a process. It is starting to feel like a long time now -- lots of vacations spent strictly OP, I have made a spectacle of myself (at least it felt that way) at family get-togethers, I have fake-eaten at weddings with not one OP option, I have sat empty-handed while we took my son out for the annual night-before-school-starts ice cream cone, and last night was our 25th anniversary (of first date, not wedding -- which will be in early January so I will still be on IP for that, too!) and I ordered my regular salad and "water-with-lime." I am starting to keep track and count up the "sacrifices" in my head and feel like I am "owed" being finished sooner. That is not a winning attitude, I know.

Good job staying OP despite the struggle. You are doing so well and are looking so beautiful. You will get there and when you do, all these sacrifices will be worth it. Think of next summer rather than this summer.

I need to go back to thinking of it as a pregnancy (temporary and crucial) as Scorbett used to say. Somehow, it is not feeling all that temporary to me right now . . . but that is just crap. All the benefits I have gained by passing on the worst of choices is well, well worth it.

Hang in there, Sonyasbug! You are an inspiration to so many of us!!
You have done a remarkable job! I hope I can be as resolute! I'm telling myself it's kind of like going through chemo that you know will cure your cancer -- it sucks, you just want it to be over, but you HAVE to do it. (Easy for me to say on day 6!)

Hang in there! It'll be worth it.
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