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Default SUPER LONG POST..... sorry

Hey all!!!! I have skimmed through the board.... so forgive me if I miss some events I missed.

Ian- Welcome... my name is Tammy.... I have been super busy but I used to be and plan to become a regular here again. Congrats on your test!

Sunster, I agree with the others on the board. You are so vibrant. It would be soooo super cool to meet up one day.

Dawn-hope you are not working yourself to death with the jobs.

Colleen-Girl... talk about weight gain.... I am only 35 away from my highest.... I swore I would NEVER be back there again.... so I have to get with it! So, after we complete the move (see below) I am going to get back to it.

Chopper- First of all.... Fayvetteville (Biker's Blues and BBQ) is about 4.5 hours away.... You bet if y'all make it there in 2014 I will be there! It gives me a goal to work for. Also, your flaring sounds awesome!

Holly- Congrats on your crown back. Lol. Also, I really think you have the right to ask why and in the future ask that people don't deviate unless they let someone know.... That is a scary thing. What if they wrecked.... it would take awhile to find them. So, my DH bought me a hot pink and white whip for my bday b/c the week before we were in Memphis and the lanes were merging.... and this BMW decided he wanted in my lane, even though the sign was posted a mile back the road (this is one of my pet peeves). So, I stayed where I was (right behind my DH).... he just kept edging in... all the while looking me eye..... I was shaking my head "no".... and he just kept edging in. He literally came about 1mm to my leg. So at that point I decided that I need a whip. I would never do anything out of spite, but I WILL do it out of necessity.

Ok, I have been gone for so long.... So you all know that DH mother died and she lived in a house behind our house. Well, the past year has been "h" "e" double hockey sticks on him, me, us, our jobs. etc. So, we were going to move to FL and he backed out twice on me. That obviously was not the right thing for him. So we were just riding around on July 4, and found this trailer ON THE LAKE. So went through the process. Found out the couple had "money" and the man had gotten sick and the woman had fallen down the hill the trailer was on.... so they just sold their main house in Jonesboro and moved to Texas. They walked off and left EVERYTHING in the trailer, which is a 2009, but is like brand new on the inside. They left top of the line EVERYTHING..... including riding mower, boat, furniture, new appliances, and everything except personal clothing. So, we ended up getting it for a steal b/c they wanted out from under it. In the meantime since August 2, we have been moving. It is like the move that will not end.... but remember we still had everything from MIL house, DH house, and then the stuff from the trailer that we did not want. So, we had an auction..... made a few bucks to buy a good building for the bikes (which we have barely ridden all summer). So we have been pretty busy. The bulk of the time was for the auction since neither my DH nor my MIL had moved in like 30 years and had JUNK that went on forever. We should be finished by the end of this week.... and we are renting the house out.

I cannot tell you the weight I feel has been lifted off me since leaving that house. I loved my MIL..... but the thing with my son and other things just bothered me about the house..... and now I am FREE and I feel great. Not to mention that I can look out my living room and see a LAKE!!!! I am lake front for less than 100k. I love it! Even though we have not been out in the boat (bass boat) or the kayaks we had bought before..... but we should be done this weekend.

So, when we are done with the house completely..... I am getting back on track. It is so hard to pack all the meals b/c we don't have appliances in the old house anymore.... so after we get that resolved, I am back to it b/c as my ticker will reflect... I am only 35 from my highest. I swore it would NEVER happen again..... but here I am. But, I think I am at a good place in life so that I can get it done again. Hopefully for the last time to have to lose this much weight..... I cannot express how glad I am to have internet friends like you all and to have this chance and weight lifted again!

Ok, my fingers are falling off. I will gab more later. I have a funny dog story since we are at the lake.

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