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Good morning, ladies! Back to being hot and headed for 90 today.

Maggie, its easy to change the default printer. Just click in the lower right corner and choose Search from the side bar then Settings. Type in printer and one of the choices is Change Default Printer. Click on that and set the one you want. Search is your friend. It takes place of Control Panel for most things.

Faye, I knew you'd have your sweater done in time. Can't wait to see a picture! I don't blame Jack for not wanting to do the summer hours. I'm not like to work extra anymore either.

Jean I'd end up in the hospital if I had to sit out in 90 degree weather. You are good grandparents to go to all the sporting events. I'd stay home!

The Body Revealed was amazing. If it comes to a place near you, be sure to go see it. I always thought the stomach was kind of in the middle but its on the left side and next to it on the right side is the liver! It took us 2 hours to go through the exhibit and read all the info. Its just amazing.

Glory, Irene and I are going to the British Store a little later and then on to lunch, probably at Surf Rider. It's overcast so I hope it doesn't start raining.

Have a wonderful day!

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