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GlamourGirl-I went in at around 175, came out at around 165 and I'm somewhere around 157 now. 20 lbs seems to be about the norm for the amount women lose easily right after birth. I'll hold out hope to drop down another few lbs.

I didn't pay much attention to my weight while I was nursing my oldest daughter. I guess I'll find out if I'm one of those that hold on to weight while nursing or if I am lucky enough to continue to lose.

I saw your other post; I wish I had some advice for you. I'm not a calorie counter myself, I just moderate my portions and eat to keep away hunger.

But I do know, especially when we are this early in the game, it takes time to coordinate everything involved in nursing. Maybe your little one didn't like the flavour of your milk because of something you ate? Maybe they were having digestion problems and weren't able to focus on nursing? I hope things start going easier for you.
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